Pure Chimp Super Cream review

Pure Chimp Super Cream

I have quite sensitive skin and often find that I am allergic to beauty products or the things I come into contact with in my ever day life. Often it is man-made chemicals that can trigger it off so where possible I love to try out 100% natural products to prevent irritation. When I found out about Pure Chimp I was really keen to give their products a go.

I opted for the Super Cream as from the description on the website, it seemed like it was a miracle cure for every skin related ailment. Like most beauty bloggers I love a product that can multi-task so it seemed like a great choice.

As I mentioned before, the cream in 100% natural, it is not tested on animals, suitable for vegans and it is handmade in the UK – surely these must tick some of your boxes! The cream is made from hemp wax, hemp oil, sunflower oil, safflower oil, shea butter, banana extract and sea buckthorn oil. This luxurious blend of ingredients is rich in Omega 3 and 6 which it vital for skin repair and nourishment.

I have been using this product for a few months now when I feel like my skin is becoming dry. It is particularly soothing after suffering a cold when your nose can become quite dry and sore. Not only has this product left my face feeling soft and hydrated, but it has become a go to product for when allergies flare up. A little dab of cream soothes itching and repairs dry and damaged areas of skin. I have used the cream on my knees and elbows to prevent them from getting dry and it works wonders. This truly it a multi-functional product.

The Super Cream itself has quite a runny consistency thanks to the healthy oils it contains. As the oils are good oils, it means that they do not clog your pores, which is great for people who are prone to suffering from blocked pores. It is also a little bit grainy – but not in a scratchy way – which is a little unusual at first but it sinks into the skin beautifully. I love the Pure Chimp Super Cream and I am almost nearing the end of my tub. I will definitely be repurchasing the cream as it is amazing for sensitive skin.

If you want to give this amazing product a try, Pure Chimp are offering samples from the website for just £1, the perfect way to try the product before you buy a full-sized tub. You can purchase the Pure Chimp Super Cream from their website for £14.95 for a 60ml jar.

Do you suffer from sensitive skin? What products do you use to help prevent and soothe dryness or itchiness? Have you tried any of the Pure Chimp products?
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    Must admit I've never heard of this brand before but they sound great and so affordable. Great review :) x

    Beauty with charm

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      It's such a good cream if you have dry or sensitive skin cannot recommend it enough for pesky flare ups!

      Thanks for reading :)

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