What I’m watching


My boyfriend has been away for work this week, and while I have missed him, it has given me the opportunity to catch up on all the programmes I love but he hates! I’m always looking for film and TV recommendations, so I thought I’d share with you what I’ve been watching recently.

Pretty Little Liars

If you haven’t been watching Pretty Little Liars, then you need to get your act together and literally start watching it right now. I’ve been obsessed with it since season one and I am just about to start season six – please no spoilers! The series revolves around a group of best friends whose ring leader, Alison, is murdered. The friends drift apart until they all begin receiving texts from someone called ‘A’ who knows their deepest secrets. It has the perfect combination of teen drama, jumpy moments and mystery that will have you glued to the sofa watching episodes back to back.

Prison Break

This is one that me and Ben both like, which makes a change! We have only recently started watching it and we were both a bit skeptical of how good it would be, but after watching the first episode we were intrigued! As the name kind of gives away, the series revolves around a plan to escape from prison. When Lincoln has only weeks left on death row before he has to face the electric chair for a crime he claims he didn’t commit, his brother Michael holds up a bank to get himself a prison sentence and put his escape plan into action. I’m not sure how they are going to drag it on for another three seasons, but so far we are really enjoying it, and I just want to know if they actually escape!

Ru Paul’s Drag Race

Ben definitely hates this, but I think it is one of the best trashy TV competitions out there. Ru Paul hosts the drag version of Top Model, but with more sass and certainly more sequins. Expect bitchy gay men, over the top costumes, exaggerated contouring and crazy challenges. Trust me, you need it in your life.


So this one is a little more serious. It is a documentary about the killer whales at Sea World. I feel like everyone needs to watch this, and then never go to Sea World. The treatment of the whales and also their trainers is abhorrent. Whales should be in pods in the wild, not split up from their families and cooped up in tiny tanks to perform for our entertainment.

The Walking Dead

Okay so maybe it’s weird, but I really like zombie stuff its honestly my favourite genre of horror. I’ve mentioned before my love for dystopian fiction, and zombies just fall so nicely into the apocalypse category. So I dont really know why it has taken me so long to start watching The Walking Dead. I’m only about half way through season two, but it’s my new obsession at the moment. My only critcism is that it can sometimes feel a little bit slow paced. Gimme the drama!

Dance Moms

I don’t even know how I found this show, or why I even like it. Yes, I’m a lover of trash reality TV. But I’m so not bothered about dancing. I don’t watch Strictly, I never learned to dance so I’m just not fussed. But there is something so good about this show. It must be the mixture of the kids actually being really good (one of them features in Sia’s music videos!), their mums live for the gossip and the dance coach is simply the biggest bitch ever and I love her.

Do you watch any of these? What do you recommend I should watch next?