How to get beachy mermaid hair

Lee Stafford Squeaky Clean Paddle Brush and Beach Babe Sea Salt Spray

As soon as the sun comes out, and the summer dresses find their way back into the wardrobe I really feel the need to step up my hair game. That means scrolling through Pinterest and obssesssing over girls who have the most beautiful mermaid waves. So in a quest to whip my hair into pure summer perfection, I have been testing out a couple of Lee Stafford hair goodies.

I am a Tangle Teezer girl through and through, but the Nano Silver technology in Lee Stafford’s Squeaky Clean Paddle Brush sounded too interesting to pass up. My Tangle Teezer is a the travel sized one so I fancied having something a bit bigger to make the job of unknotting my hair a little bit faster.

To begin my summer beach hair routine, I use a conditioning hair mask in the shower to inject a bit of life. With the conditioner still in my hair, I use the brush to gently smooth through the lengths on my hair, removing any tangles. Once out of the shower, I spritz a bit of the Aussie Miracle Condition Spray – you can check out the review I wrote as a guest post for the lovely Parie!

Lee Stafford 2

Then I liberally spray the Lee Stafford Beach Babe Sea Salt Spray through my hair scrunching it into make sure I’ve covered all sections. I leave my hair to dry naturally, but you can blow dry it if you want to. I find that if I use a hair dryer, the waves aren’t as pronounced. Plus I like to try and keep it heat-free when I can to keep my hair in good condition.

The spray leaves my hair looking tousled and beachy, with an “I woke up like this” vibe – if you go to sleep with your hair wet this is literally the result! I love a minimal effort hair do because I don’t have time to spend hours styling my hair before work.

lee stafford 3
The one think I don’t really like, it that the salt spray leaves the hair with a gritty texture and quite tangled. You can’t just brush it out, if you want to restyle you really need to wash the product out and start again. Bummer. But its not a major problem for me as I tend to go for waves the majority of the time and for second day hair, I tend to put it up and make the most of the texture and volume the spray creates.

The Paddle Brush is great for smoothing out the tangles that the Salt Spray creates. It does snag a little more than a Tangle Teezer, but it works through the hair quickly because of its large size. Both products are definitely keepers in my summer haircare stash and I will be using them both throughout the summer to create beachy mermaid waves.

What are your tips for beach hair?

  • Vanessa D’Orazio

    I always find the same problem with sea salt spray, they just leave the hair really tangled and gritty, still trying to find one that please me completely!

  • Laura Hadley

    I’m a Tangle Teezer (and now Wet Brush) gal too but need to get into the habit of using other brushes for different hair styles! The spray sounds fab!

    Laura xx |

  • Natalie Ann

    Great review :) I love the smell of the Lee Stafford products so I might have to give this a go :)

    Natalie Ann xo // Petal Poppet Blogs ♥

  • Miss Makeup Magpie

    I just love Lee Stafford – I really need that brush in my life, it looks gorgeous xx

    Gemma |

  • Christina L

    I love brushing through sea salt spray so it’s all naturally curled. i need to up my hair game!! great review