What I’ve been up to

Laduree macaronsThe last few weeks have been so busy both at work and socially so my blog schedule has gone completely out of the window! To make up for my lack of posts last week I thought I’d show you a few snaps of what I have been up to recently. So beware this is a pretty photo heavy post!

The first photo above is from a few weeks back, but it’s so pretty I just wanted to share it with you. Ben went to France for work and he bought be back some gorgeous macarons as a treat! They were delicious and more importantly, oh so instagramable! Luckily he agreed to share them with me (such a hard life eh?) so it didn’t affect my weightloss that week!

pretty cafeWe’ve been very lucky in the UK to have some hot weather for once. So last weekend when the weather was particularly beautiful, Ben and I decided to take a drive to the coast, picking the beautiful town of Rye as our destination. I have only been driving for a few months, so to push me out of my comfort zone I volunteered to drive the one and a half hour trip there which meant experiencing everything from the motorway to country lanes! It really helped to boost my confidence on the road and the drive itself was really scenic.

Rye is famous for its cobbled streets and vintage shops – it really is a delightful place to visit. Stupidly I didn’t take many photos as I was too busy enjoying myself, so you will have to make do with a snap of the table where we ate lunch in a cafe on the High Street. We explored some quirky vintage stores in search of art for our flat. Sadly we couldn’t find anything we agreed on!

However, I did however pick up a Christmas present for my sister in one shop, and I know that she is going to love it! It was one of those things that if I didn’t buy it right then, I would never find anything like it again. It love to show you a photo of what I bought her, but she sometimes reads my blog so I don’t want to spoil the surprise! I feel so ridiculously organised! *smug alert*

Dungeness power plantAs the sun was still shining, we made the short drive to Dungeness where there is an RSPB Nature Reserve. A colleague of mine went a few months ago and her Instagram photos intrigued me! The reserve has a circular trail around the huge flooded gravel pits and areas packed full of wild flowers. Looking south, the lake looks out on to Dungeness nuclear power plant. The backdrop was bizarre as it is such a contrast, but it was oddly beautiful too.

Dungeness Nature ReserveDotted along the trail were bird watching sheds that provided a bit of shelter from the wind. It was really hot so the wind was actually very welcome, but it was so strong, it was nice to shelter from once in a while and take some photos without being blown away! Along the walk we saw plenty of birds, wild rabbits and huge colourful butterflies and dragonflies. So pretty!

Dungeness pathWe got there at 5pm just after the visitor centre had closed for the day, so we were the only people there and it felt isolated, but so peaceful. It was really beautiful and felt so freeing to know we were the only ones in this huge mass of land! It was such a lovely end to the day and the walk helped us to work up our appetites for some dinner! NOM!

Rochester castle concertsI was lucky enough to get free tickets to the Castle Concerts at Rochester Castle Gardens in Kent last week. I went along on the Thursday to see Peter Andre and Blue with the girls, which was such a throwback to the 90s! I was surprised how many of the words I remembered to Blue’s songs! Peter Andre’s Mysterious Girl got everyone up singing and dancing. He even bought his family up on stage which was quite cute!

I also went along on the Friday night for 80s Party Night with some work friends. It ended up being a pretty messy night out…oops! I don’t really drink anymore since starting my Slimming World journey (my choice, you are allowed a drink!) so it didn’t take a lot before I was white girl wastedddd…thankfully there are no photos to prove it!

Summer BBQUnsurprisingly, on Saturday I was feeling a little bit (read: a helluva lot!) worse for wear. We got in the car (when we felt up for it!!) and went over to my Mum and Dad’s house for a big family BBQ with my Auntie, Uncle and cousins. My mum is doing Slimming World too, so she put on a big spread with lots of healthy salads as well as the meat of course! It was so tastyyyy and the perfect hangover cure!

Healthy BBQ food

What have you been up to this summer?

  • Rhian Westbury

    Those macaroons look amazing! It’s made me really hungry now! I really want to see Peter Andre just to see the crowd during mysterious girl! x

    • http://musthavegirl.co.uk/ Laura – Must Have Girl

      They were delicious! Everyone was loving it – although we were a bit miffed he didn’t get his abs out!! x

  • Hayley

    Sounds like you’ve been having a great time! Macarons are the best, I always have to pick some up when I’m in Paris x

    • http://musthavegirl.co.uk/ Laura – Must Have Girl

      They’re so lovely aren’t they! This was my first time trying them so I am definitely a convert now! x

  • http://www.ouistephanie.com Stephanie

    I’m still yet to try macarons, I need to get on that! Dungeness looks so pretty, and I hope you had fun being white girl wasted for the first time in so long 😉 x

    Stephanie | http://www.ouistephanie.com

  • Teresa Bowen

    Those macarons look gorgeous. Makes me hungry just looking at them