Karma Se7en body jewellery

karma 7 jewellery

I was recently contacted by body jewellery company, Karma Se7en, who asked if I’d like to review a couple of their products. I was thrilled as I’ve been in the market for a new piece for my tragus piercing. I’m quite sensitive to metals so it is difficult to find something that is non-allergenic but also pretty, but Karma Se7en’s collection had plenty of choice which is really refreshing.

I decided on the Gold Triple Star Tragus Bar* (here) as I don’t react with gold and the bar section is made from bioflex which is hypo-allergenic. Perfect for sensitive old me! I was also keen to try out something a bit more temporary, the Sterling Silver Clip on Helix Ear Cuff*. I used to have a helix piercing when I was 16 so I thought it would be fun to have a cuff that gave the look of a triple helix but only temporarily.

karma 7 jewellery close up

I love Karma Se7en’s packaging! Each piece comes in a bright purple box, and the jewellery is held in a plastic container to keep it safe. Typically when I order body jewellery online is comes in a little plastic bag so I think this is a really nice touch. The quality packaging means that the jewellery would make a great gift for a friend too! I am going to use the plastic pot the tragus stud came in to store all my tragus studs and rings as they are so tiny they are very easy to lose. Wooo recycling!

I love the stars on the tragus bar and the triple cluster makes it a bit more of a statment piece than your typical labret stud. The gold is quite thin, so I was a little worried about bending it when putting it in, but it wasn’t a problem at all. I found it a little tricky to screw the front on the first time. But now I have worn it a few times I have got the hang of it. I found it really comfy to wear and the fact it is hypo-allergenic means I could wear it permanently – bonus!

karma 7 piercings
The helix cuff is a new product for me so it took me a few attempts to get it to sit right on my ear. My cartilage is thicker that the average person’s so I had a bit of fit issues to begin with. But eventually I found a position where it fits pretty well. The sterling silver is very pliable, so you can open it out a bit when popping it on, then you gently squeeze it to close the rings around your ear. I found it to be surprisingly comfortable and I will definitely continue to wear it. This is a great piece for festivals or for younger people who’s parents might not allow them to have proper body piercings.

Karma Se7en has a wide range of body jewellery including a big range of cuffs and lots of stunning clickers for those who might want to try out how a piercing looks before taking the plunge for the real deal. I will definitely be looking to expand my collection soon!

What do you think of the body jewellery from Karma Se7en? Would you try any of these pieces out?