Weightloss Wednesday – an unexpected surprise

Woman of the year

As you may or may not know, I have been on a big weightloss mission since the beginning of this year. I thought that some of you might be interested in finding out how I have been getting on, especially when I reach milestones and so Weightloss Wednesdays were created. Rather than post every week (which would bore you, I’m sure!) I am posting roughly every month.

It has actually been about two months since I last updated you, partly because this summer I have been really busy and I’ve neglected my blog a bit (oops!), but also because my progress has been quite slow and it is incredibly frustrating at times. I have been going through a stage where I only seem to lose half a pound to a pound a week. While I know this is a healthy way to lose wight…it sometimes feels like the payoff isn’t enough for how hard I am trying.

Nonetheless, I have still lost 3 stone 3.5 pounds in total since 5 January 2015 which I am so pleased with and still can’t quite believe! Not only are the numbers on the scales changing, my dress size is too. I have dropped four dress sizes so far meaning all my clothes look stupidly baggy on me now. It was my birthday last weekend, so my mum and sister are took me out shopping to buy some new clothes for our trip to Vegas in October.

The morning of the trip I had a complete crisis of confidence and couldn’t find anything that looked ok on. I worked myself up to the point where I wanted to call my mum and cancel our shopping trip. I managed to pull myself together and it was such a successful day. For the first time ever I was asking staff for a smaller size rather than a larger one. In the end I came home with nine bags of shopping and body confidence.

As you can see from the photo above my Slimming World group voted me as Woman of the Year last month. I was pretty shocked and a bit embarrassed that so many of the lovely ladies in my group voted for me and it has really pushed me to keep going and creep closer to my target.

I went to Go Ape a few weeks ago for a friend’s birthday. This time last year I would have made up an excuse not to go for fear of getting stuck on the course or not having the strength to haul myself up the nets. But now it was a challenge I was ready to face, and I absolutely loved it! Some of it was tough (the cargo nets are the worst thing ever if you have no upper body strength!) but the zip wires were amazing and the adrenaline rush was unreal. My legs and arms are still covered in bruises but I would do it all over again.

I’m going to leave you with a photo taken of me and some friends on a night out on Friday. This is the first photo of where I think I look like one of the girls, instead of sticking out as the fat friend. I’ve got just four weeks until Vegas now so I’m going to be on plan and motivated.

girls night out

  • http://www.stylesunrise.co.uk/ Karen

    I had such a big smile across my face the entire time I read through this – I’m SO happy for you and just know you’ll stick at it! Go girly!!! :) :) so proud <3



    • http://musthavegirl.co.uk/ Laura – Must Have Girl

      Aww thank you Karen! :) <3 xxx

  • http://www.beautylymin.blogspot.com Beautylymin

    Wow, congratulations! You’re amazing! xx


    • http://musthavegirl.co.uk/ Laura – Must Have Girl

      Thank you! I’m so glad to be seeing results! xx

  • dominika

    well done, congratulations! I wish I had a patience and commitment to do these


  • http://fashionandstylepolice.com Stella Kashmoney

    Congratulations on your weight loss. Great job. Keep it up.

  • http://www.chocolateandsunset.com/ Summer

    Congratulations! Awesome… I am so happy for you♥

  • http://alice-megan.com Alice Megan

    That’s fantastic congratulations lovely!

  • Charlotte

    girl!! you look SO SO SO stunning!! Congratulations!!

    Charlotte ღ MissyDress