How to get beachy mermaid hair

Lee Stafford Squeaky Clean Paddle Brush and Beach Babe Sea Salt Spray

As soon as the sun comes out, and the summer dresses find their way back into the wardrobe I really feel the need to step up my hair game. That means scrolling through Pinterest and obssesssing over girls who have the most beautiful mermaid waves. So in a quest to whip my hair into pure summer perfection, I have been testing out a couple of Lee Stafford hair goodies.Continue Reading . . .

Boost your locks with the Bblonde Lightening Spray by Jerome Russell

Bblonde Lightening Spray
My natural hair colour is a dark dirty blonde but from the age of about 13 I have regularly given my hair a colour injection, whether it was a full head of colour or some highlights. I have found this can be a nightmare to manage as my hair grows really quickly, so my roots show through after just a couple of weeks making dying my hair costly and time consuming. About six months ago I decided to leave my hair alone for a while and let it grow out naturally. So I was asked to try out Jerome Russell’s Bblonde Lightening Spray* I was ready and excited to try out something new.

After having a good look through pinterest for some hair inspiration I realised that I could use the Bblonde Lightening Spray to produce a soft and subtle ombre look. Creating this style was relatively straightforward. You need to concentrate the spray on the ends of your hair, and gradually spray less the further up your hair you go – much easier than using actual dye!
Ombre hair with Bblonde Lightening Spray
The spray should only be used by people with blonde to dark blonde hair, so if you are darker I really don’t recommend you try this because the colour you end up with might not be what you are looking for! Although if you have a dip dye then this would be great for lightening the ends.
The spray is designed to be applied to wet hair after washing and conditioning. I recommend using a good quality hair masque or conditioner to keep your hair soft. Then the bleach is activated by heat from blow drying your hair. The good news is that this product contains a heat protector, so you don’t need to spray any extra product before styling. 
I’ve used the spray about five times now and I’ve managed to achieve a good amount of lightening on the bottom three quarters of my hair so I am pretty happy with this! If you want to lighten your hair up a few shades in time for summer then I recommend giving The Bblonde Lightening Spray a try. You can pick up a bottle for just £5.99 from Boots, and the good news is, they are currently doing a 3 for 2 offer on all haircare.
What products do you use to lighten up your hair?

Charles Worthington Moisture Seal Mineral Hair Rescue Masque review

Charles Worthington Moisture Seal Mineral Hair Rescue Masque

It has been a while since I have been able to properly sit down and do anything blog related because my boyfriend and I moved into our first flat together three weeks ago. It has been such an exciting time and we have been on plenty of shopping trips to Ikea, my favourite place ever! I haven’t really been able to blog though because we have only just been able to get our internet installed thanks to problems with the phone line. But now I am back and rest assured I have been using the last few weeks to get my mitts on lots of gorgeous beauty products that I am excited to share with you. So without further ado, here is my review for a great little hair masque from Charles Worthington.

Recently my hair has been in pretty bad condition thanks to heat induced split ends, too much bleach and just being knotty and horrid! It was my birthday at the beginning of September and my sister asked if there was anything I wanted so I mentioned the state of my hair and on my birthday, part of my present from her was the Charles Worthington Moisture Seal Mineral Hair Rescue Masque.

The masque comes in a round tub with a flip lid which makes in great for storage – it is much easier to pile up my tubs of scrubs and body butters in the bathroom that it is to find a home for missions of tubes and bottles! The product is white and fairly thick and it smells fruity, but by no means over powering. The formula contains argan oil, which is everybody’s favourite hair and skin oil right now which adds to the nourishing effect of the masque.

I use the masque just after washing my hair and scoop out a good amount from the tub. I personally chose to concentrate on the bottom two thirds of my hair as my roots can become greasy quickly I try to avoid putting conditioner and masques near my scalp. It says to leave for a minute, but I tend to leave it in just a little bit longer.

After washing the masque out I find that my hair feels really clean and not at all weighed down or greasy like some masques do. I have been using the masque once a week as a deep treatment and I can honestly say that my hair is so much softer and silkier. It no longer looks dry and damaged so I am absolutely thrilled with it! So much so that I went into Boots last week and picked up three more tubs thanks to a 3 for 2 deal.

For just £5.99 I think that the Charles Worthington Moisture Seal Mineral Hair Rescue Masque is a complete steal for the miracle it worked on my straw-like hair. If you are suffering from dry locks I cannot recommend this masque enough. Boots are currently running a buy one get one half price offer on Charles Worthington products if you want a good deal!

What products do you recommend for dry/damaged hair? Have you tried this Charles Worthington masque?