Maybelline 24 Hour Colour Tattoo by Eyestudio

Beauty Bloggers have gone mad for the Maybelline 24 Hour Colour Tattoo eyeshadows since their release and I have been dying to get my hands on some! This weekend I finally took the plunge and indulged myself in a couple of the gorgeous shades on offer as Boots are currently running a 3 for 2 offer on Maybeline products. I had my heart set on purchasing ‘Metallic Pomegranate’, ‘Everlasting Navy’ and ‘Pink Gold’. However, ‘Pink Gold’ was completely out of stock…so I settled on a different well hyped product in the beauty blogging world… Babylips, and that is a review for another day!!

These lovely little eyeshadows really remind me of the MAC Paintpots, and considering they only cost £4.99 each (or cheaper if they are on offer!) it is a great cheaper alternative for anyone who is strapped for cash.

I love that the shadows are very buildable, allowing just a gentle swipe of colour, or something really dramatic. I like to use mine as a base and then blend other shades into it. I think that ‘Everlasting Navy’ is the perfect foundation for a blue smokey eye and it has become a go to product.

I have also used them as eyeliners, and I have to say that they are wonderful as they add a gorgeous splash of colour and they last all day without smudging or creasing. Perfect for girls who are always on the go.

I apply the cream shadow with my fingers, and gently swipe it onto my eyelids using a small amount at a time. I did find that it sets quite quickly so I wouldn’t hang around too much before blending the cream outwards.

As you can see, these colours are both very pigmented, and it really doesn’t take a lot of product to get a strong colour. They are both quite shimmery as well which I love for a night out to create a dramatic look with a girly edge.

For just £4.99 I think that the Maybelline 24 Hour Colour Tattoo is a steal and I will definitely be investing in more colours. You can get yours now from Boots, who are offering 3 for 2 of Maybelline Products or Superdrug who are offering buy one get one half price.

L’ANZA KB2 Hydrate Shampoo and Detangler

Image of L'ANZA KB2 Hydrate Shampoo and Detangler

Hair care is an important part of my daily routine, and while I don’t use many products on my hair as it gets greasy very quickly, I have found that a good quality shampoo and conditioner really does make a difference to the look and feel of my hair. For the last month I have been trying out the Hydrate Shampoo and Detangler from the L’ANZA  KB2 Keratin Bond range.

Now Autumn has well and truly arrived, and Winter will soon be on its way, it is a really important time to invest in some high quality hair care products. The drop in temperature means that we are not just having to reach for our chunky cable knits but it is essential to update not just your wardrobe but hair care routine too. The colder Autumn air is very drying and leeches moisture from the hair, and putting on the heating is very drying too. With all the moisture being lost from our hair it is important if you want your locks to look luscious you need to replace this lost moisture.

The L’ANZA KB2 range can actually fight the effects of environmental damage using a Keratin Bond 2 Complex that  replaces and strengthens the keratin proteins in the hair. It simultaneously uses a luxurious range of botanical ingredients that are enriched with vitamins to revitalise and hydrate dry and damaged hair.

The Shampoo and Detangler smell amazing and really remind me of Aveda products. After applying the shampoo my hair felt instantly cleansed as it lathered quickly and I found that even a small amount was enough to work all the way through my thick, long hair. The Detangler is essentially a conditioner, so don’t expect your hair to be completely knot free! As my hair is so thick I find that it gets knotty really easily and usually a Tangle Teezer is the only thing that can smooth my mane! However the Detangler seriously improved the condition of my hair and eased out some of the tangles in the shower due to the conditioning properties of the product.

Overall I really think that the L’ANZA KB2 Hydrate Shampoo and Detangler has improved the appearance of my hair and I think I have suffered less split ends and hair breakage in the month since I have been using these gorgeous products. If you are interested in updating your hair care routine, you can get your hands on the Hydrate Shampoo for £15.35 and the Hydrate Detangler for £16.50 both from Look Fantastic.

Have you used any L’ANZA products before? Would you try the KB2 Hydrate range? What is your Autumn hair care routine?

The Liebster Award!

I have been blogging for less than three weeks now, and I am absolutely thrilled that my blog, Must Have Girl, has been nominated for The Liebster Award! If you haven’t heard about it yet, it is an award for new bloggers who have less than 200 followers. It means that all the new bloggers can get to know each other and find out about new up and coming blogs.

The Rules

Link the blogger(s) that nominated you: Yasmin from Be You
– Answer the 11 questions your nominator has asked.
– Keep the chain growing by nominating 11 of your favourite bloggers who have less than 200 followers, and let them know.
– Create 11 interesting questions for your nominees to answer.
– You cannot nominate the person who nominated you
Yasmin’s Questions

1. What is your favourite Make up Look?

When I go on a night out, my go to make up look is a smokey eye with winged liner and false lashes, the more dramatic the better.

2. What is your favourite TV Show? (it can be soap or series or anything!)

At the moment I am completely hooked on Breaking Bad, I can’t believe I have only started watching it this summer, I have been missing out! If you haven’t been watching it you seriously need to get it into your life!

3. List your top 3 high street brands that you love?

New Look, Dorothy Perkins, Primark! I probably buy the majority of my clothes from these stores as they are really affordable and they always seem to have cute dresses that I love!

4. What is the best gift you have ever received?

My parents and my sister got me a lovely ring for my graduation from university. I didn’t take it off for 3 months because I love it so much, but now I’m scared of losing it so I’m saving it for nice occasions only!

5. What is your much-loved colour lipstick and brand?

MAC MAC MAC! Always MAC, at the moment my favourite colour is Crosswires, I love coral shades and think they are great for summer, but also in the winter to brighten up darker outfit choices. I am lusting after Shy Girl right now, so I think that will have to be a cheeky purchase this month!

6. Do you prefer heels or flats?

I love heels, but I find them so uncomfortable if I’m honest…I am definitely a flats girl through and through.

7. What one item of clothing can you not live without?

My black leather biker jacket. So comfy and goes with just about everything. It has nice stud detailing on the shoulders which means it is still on trend this season. 

8. What would be your dream job?

I would really love to work in PR or Marketing somewhere in London. I am currently interning at a Beauty PR agency in London, and I am loving it so I am really excited about what the future holds for me! 

9. What word describes you best?

Laura :) I’m no good at these type of questions, sorry!! 

10. If you were given a free 2 week holiday what destination would you choose?

Mexico! I have been twice before but I think it is the most amazing place for young people. Not only are the beaches beautiful, but there is so much to do there too. The eco parks are amazing, you can snorkel in lagoons filled with lots of types of fish, swim with dolphins, swim in underground caves and jump from cliff into a river if you want! The nightlife in Cancun is fantastic too and hosts the best club in the world Coco Bongos. Imagine acrobatics, West End Musical numbers, Club Classics, more cocktails and shots than you could ever want, your favourite film characters and tonnes of balloons all in one room … and that just about that sums it up!

11. What made you choose the name for your blog?

It took me forever to come up with Must Have Girl. I tried about a million different ideas but most were taken and the rest were silly. I finally settled on Must Have Girl because I am always lusting after beauty and fashion pieces that for me are Must Haves, so I think that it sums me up quite nicely! 

My Nominations

My Questions
1. Who is your style/beauty icon?
2. What three beauty products could you not live without?
3. What is your favourite food?
4. Which trend are we most likely to find you wearing this A/W?
5. What is your most embarrassing moment?
6. If money was no object, what one thing would be your dream purchase?
7.Why did you start blogging?
8. How many beauty products do you use in the morning, and what are they?
9. Would you ever leave the house without makeup on?
10. What is your guilty pleasure?
11. What is the most interesting fact you know?
I hope that you enjoyed reading my answers, and do make sure to check out the blogs of the lovely girls who I have nominated. I am really looking forward to reading all of your answers so make sure to leave me a link me back to your Liebster post in my comment section or tweet me @_musthavegirl :)


Autumn Days: Punk Picks

Collage of Autumn Punk Fashion Pieces
bowler hat / crop tee / necklace / biker jacket / satchel / skater skirt / boots / rings

So Autumn is finally upon us, and I have to say that I am actually very happy about it. Don’t get me wrong I love the sunshine and warmer Summer months, but there is something about Autumn that just cannot be beaten. My favourite part just has to be the fashion. I love being able to keep myself toastie in thick cable knits, boots, fur coats, hats and scarves. So cosy!

I wanted to share with you a few of my favourite pieces that I have seen over the last few weeks. The punk trend is already big this Autumn so I wanted to show you my take on this style that isn’t too extreme for those who are more girly girl than edgy rocker. I bought these gorgeous boots yesterday and I have a feeling that I am going to be living in them this season, they are right on trend but also great for anyone shopping on a budget like me!

What do you think of my punk picks? Will you be rocking the punk trend this A/W? What are your punk inspired fashion finds?

Must Have Girl

Beauty UK’s Posh Pout Lip Crayons

Image of Beauty UK's Posh Pout Lip Crayons
L-R Corally Correct, How Nude!, Power to the Purple,
Would I Lilac To You, Big Pinkin and Sugar Plum Fairy

I was recently given a couple of the new Beauty UK Posh Pout Lip Crayons to try out. Now I am a big lover of lipsticks/crayons/balms/lip glosses, and generally my rule is the bolder the better! I love wearing bright lips, particularly in the winter months when everything is so dull and drab, I just have to get some colour out there! So luckily for me, this whole range is bright and colourful and so it is completely up my street.

I picked out two crayons in ‘Corally Correct’, a lovely citrus coral shade and ‘Power to the Purple’ which is a plum/burgundy colour and both are perfect for Autumn/Winter. I did really love ‘Big Pinkin’ which is so pink and very Barbie-like, but it is similar to a Topshop Lip Crayon I already own. Also, I think ‘Would I Lilac To You’ is also a beautiful shade but I’m not sure if I could pull off that pale parma violet hue, both of these shades felt a little bit Nicki Minaj to me, so I thought it might be better to stay away!

I wore ‘Corally Correct’ when I went out to dinner last weekend, and I have to say that it is very pigmented and bold for such a budget buy. In fact when I swatched all of the colours they all had great pigment and are not at all sheer like some other lip crayons I have tried.

However I do have one criticism, and that is they are quite drying so if your lips are at all chapped I would give them a miss. I have worn the crayons over the top of a lip balm and found it much less matte and drying, so they are still very wearable!

Overall for just £2.99 I think it is a great buy, I wouldn’t expect these crayons to be amazing quality, but for such a low price, I think the boldness and amount of pigment cannot be flawed. So if you have a few pounds lying around and fancy trying out some new lip shades without financial risk I think these Posh Pout Lip Crayons are a great place to start. You can get your own from the Beauty UK stand at Superdrug or online from their website, and there six gorgeous shades to chose from. Superdrug are currently running a 3 for 2 promotion on Beauty UK cosmetics until Tuesday 24th September.