Dipping my toes into the world of body jewellery


I got my tragus pierced to celebrate the end of exams in my first year at university, and since then I have kept the same jewellery in. So when I got the chance to pick out a couple of pieces from Body Jewellery Shop I was very excited to finally try something new.

The first piece that I selected was a very different style to what I have been wearing for the last few years. I decided that I wanted to go for a BCR so I took a look at the list of ear piercings available from Body Jewellery shop and found this lovely Outwards Stars surgical steel BCR*  which I think is prettier and more feminine than a plainer ring. The star detail is much cuter than the plain labret style stud I was wearing before and makes my ear piercing stand out more as mine is very discrete.

It’s made from surgical steel which is great news for anyone with metal allergies, However, I am very sensitive to metals and the only thing I can comfortably wear long term is titanium or gold. I was able to wear the BCR for three days across the Easter weekend before any irritation started so I will still continue to wear it during weekends. I doubt that the material would be a problem for many people though, so don’t let this put you off.

The second earring I selected was a better fitting labret stud for days when i was to keep my piercing a little more discrete. I wanted something that I could wear long term, so the titanium micro labret stud* was the perfect choice for me. I went for the 1.2mm x 6mm version which is a perfect fit. The length is short enough that I don’t have to re-position my jewellery every time I put my earphones in, but still leaves a couple of millimeters for ease of insertion and removal.

I really love the wide selection of ear piercing jewellery on offer and I would definitely treat myself to a few more from Body Jewellery Shop.

What piercings do you have? Where do you buy your body jewelley from?